Does your hardwood floor have a problem that needs repair?

Hardwood floor repairs require time and patience, as well as the proper tools, techniques and products to get the job done right.  Our experts are ready to help you tackle any project requiring any level of repair.


The reputation and success of our business is undeniably built on quality.  We have a passion for the woodworking craft as well as the skills to take on and deliver hardwood floors that need repairs of any kind.

No matter who it is we are working with, it makes us as owners and employees happy to hear and see our customers satisfied reactions when they see the completed floor, especially in cases where they believed the floor was beyond repairing or finishing. ”  -George, Owner of Real Hardwood Floors

Note:  this is not an inclusive list.  We can repair any measure of hardwood floor damage!


Our hardwood flooring repairs in encompass any scope of work, meaning we are equipped to deliver no matter what the extent of the damage is to your floor.  

We can help you repair damage related to:

  • age, daily abuse
  • water damage
  • mold or mildew
  • wood rot
  • buckled wood
  • cupped wood, shelling and splintering
  • gaps between floorboards or parquet flooring
  • loose, squeaky floor boards
  • scratches
  • high-heel shoe dents
  • dark spots and stains
  • water stains and white spots
  • pet stains
  • oil and grease accidents
  • chewing gum, crayons, candle wax
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